freedom of the seas

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the right of merchant ships to travel freely in international waters

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The Stemming the Tide report is a signature initiative of the Trash Free Seas Alliance, a unique forum launched by Ocean Conservancy in 2012 that brings together industry, science, and conservation leaders.
Andrew Clemence, an organizer of the ''Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla'' campaign, said they were campaigning against the shipment because of the risk of an accident or terrorist attack on the cargo.
The Irish flotilla will be part of the Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla 2002 - a loose federations of international seafarers who are aware of the enormous danger to life on the planet caused by nuclear bomb tests, fuel transport and use, pollution and waste.
The culturally deep-seated sense of `natural' justice embodied in the idea of free seas is joined to market goals, so creating a belief of immense persuasive power.
Visioneer "Where There Is A Need" Program Supports Ocean Conservancy's Trash Free Seas Program -- (October 19, 2012 09:45 AM) Source: Visioneer Inc.
Volunteer for the movement for Trash Free Seas and help clean up our coastlines
Sayyari said Iran's military power is based on its people's decision therefore its strong presence over free seas has drawn attention of all.
Paul Barrett, of the Irish Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla, said: "We hope this shipment will not set sail.
We are very pleased with the voter's choice of the Ocean Conservancy, their efforts to promote Trash Free Seas and agree wholeheartedly with their philosophy that we all have a role to play in keeping our ocean clean and free of trash.