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a civil right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution

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The following conceptual history of the Beyond draws on the early history of Free Religion to bring into sharper relief the structures of dissent that were hollowing out heaven and driving the emergence of secularism in the second third of the nineteenth century.
Here, the essay turns to the history of early Free Religion, in which arguments for the non-existence of the Beyond were tied to the ongoing separation from and struggle with the state churches.
To explain Feuerbach's popularity and to understand the conditions under which he made the transition to a polemical negation of the Beyond in the mid-1840s, one can usefully turn to the structures of religious and political dissent best exemplified at that time by Free Religion.
The key theological development within early Free Religion was the displacement of Christian rationalism by natural scientific monism.
The British Idealist movement, influenced especially by Thomas Hill Green in Oxford and Edward Caird in Glasgow, both professors of moral philosophy, tried to free religion from its historical context by studying religion philosophically.
We believe in human rights and human dignity, and free press and free religion.
Politically he supported the Anti-Corn Law Association and believed in free trade, free food, and free religion.
Other Free Religions are one-off efforts, sometimes launched by followers of other free faiths.
But there's more to the Free Religions than satire.