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of livestock and domestic poultry

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British free range Roly Poly Bronze turkey, reared to high standards of welfare on farms in East Anglia and fed on oats for a wonderfully deep, rich flavour.
This is the highest penalty that a Court has ordered in relation to misleading free range egg claims.
But our work isn't done until all laying hens are in small free range flocks.
Comparative month vise behavioral time-budget for turkeys in confinement and free range rearing systems.
Says Ralph Kucharek, repping the East Coast for Bonfire out of Burlington, VT, "I had no expectations for last winter and jumping in at the end of January right into the Free Range trips was the highlight of my season.
The alternative small-scale Free Range Farmers Association Inc and Humane Choice accreditation logos have lower stocking densities and are aimed more at small-scale pasture-based systems.
This week he's cooking Parmesan crusted free range chicken breast with wilted spinach and woodland mushroom sauce.
Similarly some poultry producers are raising their birds by giving them outdoor (pasture) access because it is considered that the bird reared in free range rearing system have better sensory qualities of their products (Latter-Dubois 2000).
Compassion in World Farming has awarded Gateshead Council its Good Egg Award to commend them on only buying free range eggs.
89 British Mild White Cheddar (240g), PS2 Eggs Medium Free Range Eggs (six), PS1.
With 200,000 hens across its two Yorkshire farms, the company has seen the volume of free range eggs it handles increase by 250% in the past five years, with significant investment going into hen housing and a state-of-the-art crack detection system, which can monitor 130,000 eggs per hour.
Richard Tulip said: "Like Sunny Hill Free Range Eggs, we are a farming family and we share many of the same principles.
Meatco's Oshakati abattoir has been approved to deliver free range certified beef to premium retailer, Woolworths South Africa.
Bloom, a Pacific Northwest-based landscape designer, provides backyard poultry farmers and chicken fanciers with information on creating well planned integrated spaces that take advantage of the multiple benefits that free range chickens can offer gardens.
Retailers in particular need to think about the long term security and future supply of Welsh free range eggs and avoid the risk of irreparable damage being done to the free range egg supply base by not getting the market signals.