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a natural or instinctive fellowship between people of similar interests

Freemasons collectively

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I was not aware of the far reaching impact Free Masonry has on national leaders throughout the world and the potential power this pact wields.
But Burns, of no fixed abode, blamed government collusion with the US military establishment and international free masonry.
The secret free masonry approach to public life, which operated in Wales for most of the last century, must come to an end.
His real empowerment on the battle field, at the Philadelphia Convention, and the laying of the corner stone for capitol came from Free Masonry.
Mozart turned to his free masonry, which embodied for him all the principles he most valued.
For the Monthly that will have meant two decades of publishing a political magazine while the White House was in the hands of men for whom neoliberalism is as alien an ideology as Free Masonry.
As a man of integrity and great faith, Dick embraced the principles and ideals of Free Masonry.
The LAE test is not concerned with military strategy or knowledge of Free Masonry, but rather with the world in which one lives, and includes questions in the following five areas: