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a member of a widespread secret fraternal order pledged to mutual assistance and brotherly love

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The two productions in the 1780-81 season for which we have data show twice as many books sold at each performance of The Islanders with an eighteen-night run as for Harlequin Free Mason during its 52 nights.
The Free Mason open house will take place from 9 a.
The crash happened between the Free Masons pub and Copley Hill.
Riverboat Pilots, Free Masons, and Writers: A Look at the Craft(s)," Randall A.
The article also reported that Gibson's father was a Holocaust denier who believed that the council had been hijacked by a gang of Jews and Free Masons.
Even the completion of the temple and the dispersion of the workers across the globe and through the ages did not diminish their loyalty to one another: "These are the laudable bonds that unite Free Masons together in one indissoluble fraternity" (18).
In 1872, he pointed out that they "are excluded from the Church if they join secret Societies, and if they do not belong to the Free Masons, Odd Fellows or Orangemen they can scarcely receive a situation.
He was a devoted member of the Free Masons for many years.
Dillon belongs to a number of affiliations including the Elks Club, the Free Masons, I.
Van Atten also expressed gratitude to his fellow Scouts of Troop 151 for their hard work, who helped with fundraising, as well as working at the spaghetti dinner; Patricia Barrie, who donated notebooks, pens, pencils and toiletries for the back packs; the Holyoak family for donating the food for the spaghetti dinner; his Eagle project advisors, Lynne Perrault and Hilary Laraba; troop leader Larry Salate; and the Free Masons, which donated the use of the Mason lodge for the dinner.
He was a lifetime member of the VFW Milford, PA Post 8612, the American Legion Charlton, MA Post 391, Boston Marine Society, and Council of Master Mariners; as well as a member of the Marine Square Club (NY) and Free Masons Masonic Lodge in Southbridge, MA.
He was a member of the Free Masons, served on the Board of Health in Lancaster and was a 30 year member of the Oakhill Country Club in Fitchburg.