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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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Under Mubarak, the economy operated through a selective interpretation of free market economy marred by extreme corruption in favor of the ruling elite.
The government is keen on maintaining the adoption of the mechanisms of free market economy, trade liberalization, encouraging local and foreign investments and tapping new markets, Minister of Trade and Industry Samir el-Sayyad said Thursday 10/03/2011.
Analyst Artan Sadiku in Utrinski vesnik writes that the poverty and unemployment, frustration and melancholy are the only true face of the present neoliberal ideology of the free market economy.
TUSIAD Chairperson Umit Boyner who also spoke reporters emphasized the importance TUSIAD attached to competitive free market economy.
The missionaries of the free market economy would have a better chance of converting us if they didn't act like cannibals.
Turkey and India have many similarities, both countries are secular and we have free market economy and our economies are booming.
Those protagonists who favoured so-called light touch regulation, meaning no control at all, accompanied by the sell-off of state owned industries, who believed that their free market economy would benefit all, should reflect upon the consequences.
Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman, reporting from Santiago, explains that Chile's free market economy was one factor that helped it gain entry into the OECD.
The answer: a free market economy without monopolies.
Despite the anti-Western sentiment noted by Thornhill, Russians continue to link some elements of traditional democratic values -- namely a free market economy and democratic governance -- with Western-style democracy.
Herbert Stepic, chief executive of Raiffeisen International, which has spearheaded the nine-member initiative, said, 'We fought for 50 years, many of us, to get these countries away from communism and now we have a free market economy in the region, we can't leave them alone when there is an extremely harsh wind blowing.
George Bush insists on advocating the Republican Conservative fallacy of a free market economy as solution to society's ills.
Getting a "good deal" is a fundamental part of a free market economy and the badge of being an astute businessperson.
As long as the field can manage to survive in a growing free market economy, the future looks bright for Czech dance.
Such production takes place in a more or less free market economy because of its efficiency to coordinate demand and supply as well as ability to stabilize the economy.