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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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To have a free market economy, competition should be encouraged and the movement of corporations not be obstructed under any justification.
Free competition or workable competition characteristics identify with the free market economy demands.
First, Gallup asked Russians if they feel the creation of a free market economy, largely free from state control, is right or wrong for the country's future.
That may be in theory, but in practice a free market economy, presupposes and demands absolute integrity of all those engaged.
But Rawls does not require work to be a basic right, nor does he require the government to have a full employment policy or set a minimum wage standard because these would interfere with the functioning of a more or less free market economy.
In 1991, after its independence from Yugoslavia, Slovenia's transition to a free market economy resulted in lost jobs and an unemployment rate of 12%.
ARENA, El Salvador's ruling party, has secured the peace in the country, returned it to a free market economy, rebuilt key portions of El Salvador's infrastructure damaged by the 12-year civil war, and is quickly overcoming the effects of the 2001 earthquakes.
The grant called for American organizations to host former Soviet Union scientists and managers from different industries and educate them how to conduct business in a free market economy.
For Gauvreau, the important outcome of this search is to allow the city to exploit opportunities they have not thought of before, and to embrace the dynamic character of the free market economy.
This is the time for city officials to emulate their neighbors and put their faith in the free market economy, while creating a healthy business climate that provides both good jobs as well as low-priced goods.
Such proposition cannot be proven given that this country's free market economy relies heavily on the ability to manufacture and sell non-original or imitation items, such as generic drugs," the court held.
While business fluctuations are normal in a free market economy, a general downturn reflects a "cluster of errors" in which all, or most, businesses make bad investment decisions and suffer corresponding losses.
The excesses of the free market economy and consumerism are part of the problem (See also Paula Adamick in this issue, p.
It lies in the philosophy that in the free market economy anything can be bought and sold at the best profit, and as her erstwhile leader Mrs Thatcher once said: 'You cannot buck the market.
It seems the golden age for Estonia's own achievements in architecture has finally arrived, fostered by ideological freedom and a free market economy, and complemented by an open market for building materials and new, previously unobtainable technologies.