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Synonyms for freeloader

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Words related to freeloader

someone who takes advantage of the generosity of others

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We complain that the players are over paid, but just image what the free loaders would do to the game if they could play so let's be thankful for small mercies.
India Quay is just yards from the City Inn hotel and the SECC and, fortunately for the three lard-arsed free loaders who joined me from work, it's also just down the road from the Daily Record HQ.
In any case the spectre of Sue Barker sitting behind a desk at Dover and demanding "You may only enter this nation if you can identify the mystery personality" might actually be a bigger deterrent to free loaders and undesirables than the pathetic system we clearly operate at the moment.
When respondents were asked their "top-of-mind" response to the word Indian, about 40 per cent of the responses were negative, reported the FSIN, including describing Indian people as free loaders, cry babies, greedy, lazy, or bums.
He is smart enough however, to cover his inadequacies with the cloak of a pop concert, for he knows that any venue will be filled and the crowd swelled by yobs, slobs, drifters, junkies, free loaders, welfare claimants, and criminals on day release, and all overloading local authority expenditure.
THE Free Loaders tried some mood music like the songs to read, party or relax to.
Do they by any chance mean FA free loaders whose latest wheeze - dreamed up over marathon, expense-account lunches - is to stage next year's cup final on a Wednesday night 10 days before the end of the season?
FIFA must take the blame for this ridiculous system that denies real fans a chance to attend matches so that fat cats and corporate free loaders can go to a game they have no real interest in.