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(soccer) a place kick that is allowed for a foul or infringement by the other team

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Moreover, will the referee be spraying in every free kick situation, or would he be more selective (based on the formation of a defensive wall)?
The line would have remained visible until the free kick was taken, apparently, but disappeared shortly afterwards.
I think Steven has been taking the free kicks for a good while now but I think he realises that there are now one or two team-mates who are up for taking them, myself included," said Suarez.
Ryan Marriott also missed a golden chance against his old club while at the other end Terry McCormick saved well from James McCarten's excellent free kick.
HOME manager Sean O'Driscoll hailed teenage sub Brian Stock for his last-minute winner from a Beckham-style free kick.
Matt Carre of the University of Sheffield Sports Engineering Research Group, allowed the research teams to determine the actual physics governing free kicks in soccer.
In other words, there will be no more of the nonsensically lengthy procedure that currently exists when free kicks in dangerous areas are given.
TOMORROW we will be giving readers the chance to win one of 20 Free Kicks footballs signed by your favourite Barclaycard Premiership club.
Long after the Southern Section soccer playoffs end in 10 days, the members of the Crespi High of Encino boys' team will be talking about the free kick Mitchell Reyes struck in the 12th minute of their 3-1 home victory over Thousand Oaks on Wednesday.
Keith Hanna, Marketing Communications Director at Fluent, echoed these sentiments and commented that, "during every Soccer World Cup, talk inevitably touches on the fabulous free kicks that fool both defenders and goalkeepers alike, because of the way that a soccer ball bends during its flight.
But we did everything we worked on in practice - free kicks and making runs - and as a result, you see 4-1.
TWO brilliant free kicks helped put Brian Kerr's youngsters top of their UEFA qualifying group.
Calderon regularly leaves the goal to take free kicks for the top-seeded Conquistadores, as he did when ECR (25-3) was awarded a kick about 10 minutes into the second half.
Any player who fails to retreat 10 yards at free kicks or boots the ball away will be punished under the crackdown.
The Indians appeared to score twice on free kicks, but both goals were called back.