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Synonyms for capitalism

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Job Creators Alliance (JCA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization composed of current and former major CEOs and entrepreneurs committed to defending and preserving the free enterprise system in the United States.
How do we sustain support for the free enterprise system that we all believe in?
Runaway executive salaries also are sending a message to investors--the heart and soul of oar free enterprise system.
First, we witnessed the free enterprise system at work right before our eyes--a family-run farm not dependent on government subsidies but only on the hard work and sweat of the whole family working together to get the job done.
Yet, our free enterprise system works well when there is balance of power between the board and management.
They are not by nature part of the free enterprise system.
A touchstone in the early political education of Guy Giorno occurred during his high school years when he heard Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion describe the virtues of a free enterprise system of government.
Stratton explained why he supported the free enterprise system and admitted that, in that sense, he was "pro business.
America's founding fathers, seeking new freedoms and a better way of life, created the free enterprise system that underpins more than our commerce--it is our way of life.
It's time to liberate the Cuban people, and let them see how democracy and a free enterprise system can improve their lives.
We know that we can find a way to be a part of the great opportunities this country allows with its freedoms, including the free enterprise system.
The issue here is not the market economy or the free enterprise system, though journalists inevitably will cast it that way.
It's too bad, but that's how the free enterprise system works.
A tireless reformer of the free enterprise system, he has resolutely promoted social justice and challenged conventional assumptions in his Harvard classroom and in the public arena.
The attacks are not just assaults on specific businesses but on the American free enterprise system and the principle of individual rights, Arnold says.