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The formation constant and free energy change of ortho and para substitute of aniline with 1-octanol in CCl4 are carried out.
Systems Proton donor Proton acceptor Symmetric Asymmetric 1-Octanol O-Chloroaniline 3494 3399 O-Methoxyaniline 3485 3393 O-Methylaniline 3479 3394 P-Chloroaniline 3481 3396 P-Methylaniline 3469 3387 P-Methoxyaniline 3459 3382 Table 2: Formation constant and free energy change of Ortho and Para substitution of aniline dissolved in 1-Octanol in inert solvent C[Cl.
Free energy change in an irreversible isolated thermodynamic system is derived by considering the free energy of initial and final states.
When the critical nucleus is generated, the free energy change with respect to infinitesimal change of the radius becomes zero as follows:
With the use of steroid analogs to explain principles of structure--activity relationships to free energy changes, the topic of quantitative structure--activity relationships is covered.
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