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strings of letters and numbers (separated by periods) that are used to name organizations and computers and addresses on the internet

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Fasthosts also provides 1 free domain name to be chosen from a large selection including three of the new top level domain names (nTLDs) released in the past year- .
Agents who sign up with e-Agent receive a web site (currently four different templates are available), free hosting, a free domain name that is search engine friendly, school reports from a non-biased source, neighborhood reports, paid inclusion to ensure top positions on search engines, plus discounted real estate products and services.
FREE DOMAIN NAME A GOLDEN oldie this one, but certainly worth mentioning again.
A free domain name and technical support are also offered with the product.
com made a bold announcement this week, offering free domain name registration for life and claiming to be a "system to rival InterNic.
Namesco announced it is giving away a free modem, free setup, free web hosting account and free domain name on all packages with speeds of 512Kb/s and over.
Free Domain Name Support, and Free Developer Support on HTMLOS.
It comes with numerous useful and attractive features and offers such as a free domain name, unlimited email accounts and 24x7 professional technical support.
The ADSL service provides an ADSL connection, a free domain name, up to 250MB web space and 500 e-mail addresses.
We do have an additional bonus for new customers though - we'll provide free domain name registration to customers who sign up for an annual Basic or annual Unlimited hosting plan," adds Mr.
Subscribers are provided with a free domain name for the first two years allowing them to have a personalised web site URL and e-mail address.
Included standard with the service are up to 16 IP addresses, primary and secondary DNS, free domain name registration or transfer, 100 email boxes with 100 MB of storage each, and web hosting including 1.
Some little extras which we noticed about InstaSite's offering is that you receive unlimited, free hosting and you can cut costs even further by using a free domain name.