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the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies

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However, I believe in the free choice of an individual and I certainly don't think tattoos or piercings define an individual.
Any health care plan, however compassionate, must include preservation of free will and free choice.
McCann then argues (chapter five) that his explanation of the relationship between creative act and creation can provide an adequate explanation of human freedom--one which respects both a libertarian conception of human free choice and God's sovereignty over that choice.
They had free choice of which poems to read but some of them have been reading quite a lot of classical poems, such as William Blake and Tennessee Williams, as well as nonsense poems - it's been a real variety.
One option that is always available to the teacher is to close the free choice centers for the day, if you want students to concentrate completely on the required lesson.
The free Choice Theory Focus Group will be run monthly by former lecturer John Covell , starting on January 28, at 168 Taylor Hill Road in Taylor Hill.
The document, rooted in Catholic social teaching, states that "health care is a human right" and asserts two key values: the central role of workers in choosing their representation and the principle of mutual agreement between employers and unions to protect workers' free choice in representation.
Specter's decision to switch parties has re-ignited rumors of a "compromise" on the Employee Free Choice Act (H.
The so-called Employee Free Choice Act creates an alternative that even Bussel admits will "make it easier for workers to form unions.
Catholic activists supporting the Employee Free Choice Act--the labor movement's top legislative priority in Congress--say the bill is rooted in church social teaching inspired by papal encyclicals dating back more than a century.
Accordingly, it strongly opposes the legislation misnamed as the "Employee Free Choice Act", recently reintroduced in the U.
The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) has publicly announced its opposition to the pending US Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), better known as "Card Check.
introduced the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), also known as 'card check', in their respective congressional bodies on Tuesday, March 10.
Arlen Specter on the Employee Free Choice Act likely means the measure, better known as the "card check" bill, is dead--or, at least, on life support.
It is anticipated that during the 111th Congress an attempt will be made to pass legislation titled the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) - commonly referred to as "card-check" legislation - that would have a profoundly negative impact on the produce industry.