freedom of assembly

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the right to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances

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The document says that Bulgaria stopped denying the right to free assembly and took appropriate measures to avoid violations of the right in the future.
Europe's main security and democracy organisation pressed Azerbaijan on Tuesday to respect free assembly after police broke up peaceful protests last week and arrested dozens of people.
They now plan to launch a legal action against proposals claiming they prevent free assembly and are illegal under European human rights legislation.
The devices have been attacked because they are perceived by some to infringe the right of free assembly, a right we allegedly hold dear in this country - though tell that to bruised students and 'kettled' protesters of all stripes.
Opposition leaders and rights activists have been converging at the capital's Triumph Square on the 31st of each month, symbolising the right to free assembly guaranteed in Article 31 of Russia's constitution.
The External Serial PC Watchdog upgrades now include RoHS - Lead Free assembly, non-volatile memory for user options, temperature monitoring, faster communications speeds and full program support including the universal DLL to incorporate features available on the company's PCI and USB PC Watchdog timer offerings.
We believe this operation is completely unnecessary - it is discriminatory and a direct attack on our lifestyle and our right to free assembly.
Leaders of some NGOs in Kyrgyzstan expressed dudgeon against the provisions of law that was signed on August 6 by President of Kyrgyzstan C[pounds sterling]About making amendments and additions to the law of Kyrgyzstan C[pounds sterling]About the right of citizens for free assembly without armsC[yen].
Their decision to raise money with a sponsored bus ride instead was inspired, and with their free assembly bus passes, it didn't cost them a penn y.
Bush comes to town, the right of free assembly gets suspended.
The slides provide lower inertia than steel products with the same performance and their patented bearing segment design features a backlash free assembly without sacrificing load capacity or smoothness.
In a historic moment of domestic promotion for Cuba's dissident movement, Carter also praised the Varela Project, which gathered 11,020 signatures to appeal - under Cuba's constitution - for a referendum on rights such as free speech, free assembly and freedom to create a business.
No enemy can destroy our fundamental rights -- the right to free assembly and free speech, the right against unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due process and a speedy trial and more.
It was that constant presence that also infuriated demonstrators and led to widespread allegations of police infringement on their constitutional right to free assembly.
The First Amendment protections of speech, free assembly, and religious liberty are cherished principles which unite all Americans.