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(sports) a professional athlete who is free to sign a contract to play for any team

someone acting freely or even irresponsibly

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But as I was saying, no one to-day is a free agent.
I only wished to see that the boy had come to no harm and was a free agent.
It appears that most of baseball's best free agents this offseason won't be among those heading to Florida or Arizona.
Needs: Chiefs must shore up OL with franchise LT Albert likely to walk in free agency and RGs Asamoah and Schwartz also free agents.
is offering an iPhone to the first 10 people to become Free Agents with Free Agent Source in December.
Of the 34 free agents in Major League Baseball that were offered salary arbitration this year, just two players, Texas Rangers RHP Frank Francisco (http://www.
The only other unrestricted free agents this off-season are Adam Burish, Kim Johnsson and Nick Boynton.
The Associated Press reported this week that 212 players would lose their status as unrestricted free agents if the twister hits.
The Dodgers offered arbitration to infielder Julio Lugo just before Friday night's deadline -- a deadline that is much less significant under baseball's new labor agreement -- but declined to offer it to any of their sixother remaining free agents.
Conventional wisdom would say they do perform better in the year before they become free agents, at least according to the stereotype of the greedy player, who will put out extra effort only when he will be rewarded financially.
He gushes that millionaires come out of the ranks of undereducated free agents, but I've met a number of them, and sorry, they are, to a person, boors.
Daniel Pink, author of the upcoming book Free Agent Nation: How America's New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Lire, is an expert on the subject of independent professionals, and defines free agents as highly skilled workers who prefer working independently on projects for a variety of clients.
LOS ANGELES -- As with many new web applications, the Free Agents Jobs website, www.
But that said, I still don't have a feel because it's not the right time of the offseason to know exactly what the dynamics are going to be for other free agents as far as cost goes.
today, more than 30 million workers--nearly one-fourth of the American workforce--are free agents.