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someone acting freely or even irresponsibly

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Lause's aim in Free Spirits is to trace connections between spiritualism and various currents of social and political radicalism.
Embracing the free-spirited positivity and happiness of the bohemian lifestyle, Playa Payaya also specialises in boho fashion jewellery and delicate gemstone jewellery, designed to complement eclectic wardrobes and allow free spirits to shine.
I was a free spirit and like the free spirits of the past I had a secret destiny a task to do.
During the conference, the students will attend sessions with media professionals, news executives and prominent free spirits.
Both Nietzsche himself and his free spirits are variously charged with the tasks of valuing, revaluing, creating value and legislating value, but at the same time Nietzsche is widely held to be a nihilist in the sense of denying that value is a feature of the natural world.
It's common ground that comfortably accommodates Toyo Ito and Hussein Chalayan, Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid, along with the other free spirits whose work is juxtaposed in this landmark show.
Pierre was a free spirit in a career not particularly designed to accommodate free spirits,'' Lancaster sheriff's station commander Capt.
4) Well, the women who aren't wafting around being free spirits that is.