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a French movement during World War II that was organized in London by Charles de Gaulle to fight for the liberation of France from German control and for the restoration of the republic

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Operation Exporter combined British forces and Free French forces in a plan to invade Syria in June 1941.
His father had fought with the Free French forces during the war and then worked in the French administration.
The men, aged between 85 and 92, are among the last surviving members of the Free French Forces who fought in the Second World War.
The author is keen to point out that this study is not about de Gaulle, the Free French forces or the secret negotiations between the Foreign Office and the Vichy regime between 1940-42.
Denounced to the Gestapo, the Abbe Pierre fled to North Africa where he joined the Free French forces stationed in Algeria's capital, Algiers, After the war, he was elected to the French parliament where he spoke out for homeless and unemployed people and opened his own home to homeless men.
He portrayed a French captain of the 50th Free French Forces for the high-budget 10-part mini-series, which is due to hit British screens later this summer.
1944) France: General Charles de Gaulle becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Free French forces.
Une memoire vagabonde is truly "vagabond," with its "creative disorder" ranging far and wide: from the author's affectionate reminiscences of his Jewish parents, to bitter recollections of his confinement in the concentration camp at Drancy (from which he managed to get out alive) and of his experience as a volunteer parachutist in the Free French forces, to often ironic comments on his colleagues in the French Academy (to which he has been elected thanks to the faithful support of his friend Paul Morand, an anti-Semite and Petainiste; in fact, he frequently refers to himself as "le Juif de Morand").