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a French movement during World War II that was organized in London by Charles de Gaulle to fight for the liberation of France from German control and for the restoration of the republic

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84) If the Blaizot mission was not quickly established, the Free French were bound to concentrate upon Chungking at SEAC expense.
Under the designation of Free French Expeditionary Corps (Corps expeditionnaire francais libre), the troops formed in London disembarked for South Africa and from there took part in the campaign against the Italians in Eritrea.
The result was that all through the war our small house, where the munitions girl Beth, from Dundee, was billeted with us, had a stream of Free French servicemen spending their leave with us.
My job was involved with the ships - the Greeks, the Free French and the Bretons.
Its fate is shrouded in mystery: after assisting in the capture of Saint Pierre and Miquelon for the Free French, it was supposedly later used in supplying U-boats in the Atlantic.
Lisa's The Horror of Love is a biography of the love affair between Nancy Mitford - novelist, socialite and the most gifted in a family of famous sisters - and Gaston Palewski, the Free French commander who inspired her to write her most famous novel, The Pursuit of Love.
forces invaded North Africa and, despite limited resistance by French forces, quickly occupied the major ports and cities, including Algiers, whereupon the Algerian authorities threw in their lot with General Charles DeGaulle's Free French Forces.
He argues that Churchill, more than anyone else in the West, devised the strategy that won the war and that, where he was not able to implement his "broader vision" and "more inspired concept," it was largely due to constraints on his freedom of action imposed by the Americans above all, due to their plans to reshape the post-war economic order, as well as by high officers of his own military and by Charles de Gaulle and the Free French.
Through the previous night and into the morning, elements of General Philippe Leclerc's Free French 2nd Armored Division had filtered into the city from the southern suburbs and reinforced French civilians who were fighting in the streets with German occupation troops.
French wartime service by their Free French Army and Free French Navy.
German orchestras and opera companies poured into Paris to enrich its musical life, while Parisians were given every opportunity to learn German as a second language; but no German city hosted French companies performing Debussy, nor were the burghers of Berlin offered free French lessons.
What emblem was adopted by the Free French forces in World War II?
He had joined Charles de Gaulle and the Free French in London, where he fought in the Battle of Britain.
It all came to a head in March 1943 when de Gaulle demanded that he be allowed to visit Free French troops.
When convoys sailed into Cardiff they were often accompanied by British naval escorts, but it was not unusual for these warships to be Canadian, Free French or American.