Frederick William IV

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king of Prussia who violently suppressed democratic movements (1795-1865)

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The year Wichern's prison reforms were defeated, liberalism enjoyed a particular potency within the government--the conservative Prussian King Frederick William IV had just died, and liberals had won unprecedented success at the polls, gaining major ground in the parliament.
Among his audience sat the young Wichern and the future King Frederick William IV.
In 1844, with approval and support from Frederick William IV, Wichern launched the Inner Mission, an effort to recapture the lost hearts of German Christians who had been baptized but had fallen away from the faith.
Frederick William IV supported the Pennsylvania system enthusiastically and wanted to implement it throughout Prussia.
Frederick William IV accepted Wichern's recommendations and three days later decreed that the Pennsylvania system had to be instituted throughout Moabit by the beginning of 1857.
With the Brothers installed in Moabit, Frederick William IV approved Wichern's appointment to the Prussian civil service on December 3, 1856.
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