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the Elector of Brandenburg who rebuilt his domain after its destruction during the Thirty Years' War (1620-1688)

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Granddaughter Anne, Mark, James and Ellie xxxx KAVANAGH - FREDERICK WILLIAM.
IN May you published a letter from me appealing for information on the forgotten local author, Frederick William Lister.
A silver crown green bowling jack presented by Lindley Liberal Club to landowner Frederick William Sykes on May 11, 1912, is now proudly displayed in the club on the corner of Occupation Road and Acre Street.
Frederick's son, Frederick William, trained with his father and Martin trained with his father and it would seem almost inevitable that he too became a golf course architect.
30 on Monday, November 18, 1929, when PC Smith notes, "Joseph Henry Reynolds of Markfield, Leicester reported for driving steam lorry No U2755 in Foleshill Road without having two independent brakes, after having collided with a motor car, No OX7738 owned by Frederick William Cowern.
Sergeant Frederick William Edwards was one of 11 servicemen who perished when his aircraft collided with another over the village of Screveton on April 14, 1944.
When Frederick William (1620-88) became Elector or ruler of Brandenburg in 1640, he inherited a collection of different provinces lacking in common bonds or a uniform administration.
Born Frederick William Pontin in West Ham on October 24, 1906, he began his working life as a stockbroker's clerk.
Released under the amnesty of Frederick William IV after seven years' imprisonment, he never fully regained his health.
The book in question has the status of a literary classic and was written by Frederick William Rolfe (1860-1913) under the pen name of Frederick Baron Corvo.
The organist in 1910 was Frederick William Burstall, and in 1915 Walker Henry Goss-Custard.
Tender, caring, devoted, faithful and magnetic are all words that have been used to describe Frederick William Dwelly, the first Dean of Liverpool.
Frederick William Smart, known as Fred, died suddenly on Sunday.
Frederick died in 1713, to be succeeded by his son, Frederick William I, `the soldier king'.
According to the census, in 1911, aged 18, Stanley was lodging in 1 Robert Street, Ynysybwl, and was working as a coal mine labourer below ground at the Mynachdy Colliery, where he continued to work until the nation's call to arms was made, and in August 1914 Stanley, along with his eldest brother, Frederick William, joined the army, Stanley training as a gunner in the Welsh Guards and Frederick joining the Royal Engineers.