Frederick James Furnivall

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English philologist who first proposed the Oxford English Dictionary (1825-1910)


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Unfortunately, Coleridge died a year into the effort and his successor, Frederick Furnivall, did not have the right temperament to move the project forward.
He succeeded Frederick Furnivall whose eccentricity is celebrated in Simon's book.
Mr Winchester will also bring to life the many exotic characters involved, such as editor Frederick Furnivall.
Frederick Furnivall, that extraordinary, energetic Victorian man of letters, kept it alive, but it was the appointment of James Murray in 1878 which eventually guaranteed its success.
Collier's interest in Percy stemmed from his childhood, whea he claimed he was introduced to the old Bishop of Dromore, and seems to have been revived by the publicatioa of Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript, edited by John Hales and Frederick Furnivall, in 1867-8.