Frederick Barbarossa

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Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190

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We even made pre-sales to Romania and Bulgaria for Frederick Barbarossa, a new mini-series in production.
I learned that trade in this city has been important since 1189, when Emperor Frederick Barbarossa granted Hamburg's ships exemption from duty for the 104-km journey along the river Elbe to the sea.
If the crusade was distinctive because it was specifically a pilgrimage war, not just a holy or penitential war to Jerusalem, why were the ceremonies of taking the cross and crusaders adopting the symbols of pilgrimage repeatedly kept separate (as by Louis VII in 1147, or Frederick Barbarossa in 1188/9, and Richard I 1187/90 and Philip II 1188/90)?
Tyerman fleshes out the leaders, men like the Christians Godfrey of Bullion and Bohemond, Frederick Barbarossa, or Richard of Anjou, and the Muslim leaders Saladin and Baybars.
The significance of this detail is borne out by modern research which reveals that Eudoxia was betrothed not to Alfonso but to his brother, Ramon Berenguer, but that Ramon is said then to have refused the match for fear of Frederick Barbarossa, technically his suzerain for Provence.
Joan of Arc, William Wallace, Genghis Khan, Frederick Barbarossa and Saladin are some of the prominent historical figures whose adventures are featured in the engaging story lines.
The Goksu river or the Saleph, as it was once known, has its moment in history like the Halys; it was the Goksu which claimed the life of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa when he tried to cross it on his way to crusade in the Holy Land.
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