Fred Zinnemann

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United States filmmaker (born in Austria) (1907-1997)


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It was expanded upon by other Austrian immigrants, many of them refugees from a rising Nazi Germany, such as film noir genius Fritz Lang (``Fury,'' ``You Only Live Once''), cynic extraordinaire Billy Wilder (``Double Indemnity,'' ``Sunset Boulevard,'' ``Ace in the Hole,'' ``The Apartment''), and self-important postwar culture critics Fred Zinneman (``The Men,'' ``High Noon,'' ``From Here to Eternity'') and Otto Preminger (``The Man With the Golden Arm,'' ``Advise and Consent,'' ``Hurry Sundown'').
The 1955 film version, directed by Fred Zinneman and produced by Rodgers & Hammerstein, starred Shirley Jones, Gordon MacRae and Rod Steiger.
I was writing all the compering stuff for a Baftas award and was told Audrey Hepburn was flying in to give a lifetime achievement award to Fred Zinneman, the director of The Nun's Story andHigh Noon.
Director Fred Zinneman and screenwriter Carl Foreman shrewdly decided to run the plot in real time, ratcheting up the suspense with every tick of the clocks that are constantly onscreen.
Hepburn gained an Oscar nomination for her performance, as did director Fred Zinneman.