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United States filmmaker (born in Austria) (1907-1997)


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Although the 1936 Mexican film classic about fishermen, Redes (Nets), directed by Fred Zinnemann with cinematography by Paul Strand, was a box office failure, Silvestre Revueltas's somber musical score survives as a hauntingly beautiful orchestral suite of five pieces with the film's title.
The Collection includes never-before-seen bonus footage, vintage featurettes and commentaries and includes such co-stars as Jane Russell, Jean Simmons, Deborah Kerr and David Carradine in films directed by Sydney Pollack, Fred Zinnemann and Vincente Minnelli among others.
Ulmer, Billy Wilder, and Fred Zinnemann, was projected in the gallery.
As things stand, with Pat Boone at one end and Fred Zinnemann at the other, we are left with just miscellaneous glimpses of it.
Director Fred Zinnemann thought he would have to dub Steiger's songs with a professional singer and use a dancer to double for him.
Director Fred Zinnemann, writer Robert Bolt, and leading man Paul Scofield all took home Oscars for their work on this Academy Award-winning picture about Saint Thomas More's (Scofield) decision to oppose King Henry VIII's (Robert Shaw) divorce and remarriage.
High Noon" (1952, Fred Zinnemann, director, #33 on AFI).
Comments by Stevens' colleagues--directors John Huston, Fred Zinnemann, Frank Capra, Alan Pakula, and Rouben Mamoulian; producer Pandro S.
Roth, whose films have earned a total 13 Academy Award nominations, produced the Oscar-winning "Julia," starring Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave and directed by Fred Zinnemann.
De Mille 1954 John Ford 1956 Henry King 1957 King Vidor 1959 Frank Capra 1960 George Stevens 1961 Frank Borzage 1966 William Wyler 1968 Alfred Hitchcock 1970 Fred Zinnemann 1973 David Lean 1973 William A.
This 1952 Fred Zinnemann feature is a wonderfully shot, classical Western that dared to question the image of a movie hero.