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Synonyms for freak

Synonyms for freak

a person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

a person or animal that is abnormally formed

Synonyms for freak

a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed

someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction

lose one's nerve

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She was given to a group of monks at a local pagoda by a farmer who feared the freak of nature would bring him bad luck.
Now they hope a space probe to be launched later this year will prove the object is not just a freak of nature.
Blue All Rise, SClub7 Sunshine, Anastacia Freak Of Nature, Busta Rhymes Genesis, Various Artists The Best of the Rat Pack, Destiny's Child Eight Days Of Christmas
I think at first I was kind of like a freak, like a freak of nature,'' Leyden says quietly.
Doctors cannot explain the freak of nature and there is no family history of it.
By a freak of nature, he had been born with his heart on the right-hand side of his chest.
They'll win if: OF Brady Anderson proves that his 50 home runs last year (29 more than his previous career best) were not a freak of nature.
Maybe you just don't connect with with your inner-Beavis, that pimply, prepubescent boy, that hormonal, media-addicted freak of nature within you.
Unless she's a freak of nature who's as fragrant in death as she was in life.
She then danced, spun and shouted her way through a parade of crowd favourites like Freak Of Nature and Black Roses.
He grew up with a deformity from birth and lived in a cage and really thought of himself as a freak of nature, and so he pretty much has this self-image problem that he can't figure out, and it causes him to do some evil things because he's backed into corners so many times.
He's basically a freak of nature,'' said sophomore John Harrison, who is playing with Sopoaga on the Cougars defensive line for the second straight season.
It seems everyone on our little island is doing their bit for people whose lives were torn apart by a horrific freak of nature.
And a team of scientists, led by Kathryn Arnold from the University of Glasgow, showed that the fluorescence is no freak of nature.
Just more mathematical proof that he's a freak of nature.