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a German courtesy title or form of address for an unmarried woman

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Resnik is also great in the farcical comedy scenes with Meghan Murphy, who brings a wry archness to the prostitute Fraulein Kost with her series of visiting "nephews.
And when friend turns on neighbor with hatred, Emond voices Fraulein Schneider's despair in her impassioned delivery of "What Would You Do?
Garrick Snow White and The Magic Mirror LICHFIELD GARRICK REVIEW favourite Ian Adams was hilarious as panto dame Fraulein Von Strudel, and the addition of seven Trumpton-esque puppet miners called Pugh, Hugh, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub - voiced by members of Lichfield Garrick Youth Theatre and Lichfield Operatic Society - gave a different twist to the seven dwarfs.
Aged Fraulein X lived in great seclusion in her two room apartment on Munich's Maximilianstrasse.
Fraulein Wronker's carriage and pair goes jouncing over the cobblestones.
To paraphrase Annette Brauerhoch, the author of GIs and Frauleins, prior to the Second World War, 'Fraulein' signified an independent, young, and single woman.
Campbell as Herr Schultz, Briley Meek as Fraulein Kost, and Ray Wills as Ernst.
If Doug Elkins' new story dances are even a fraction as funny as his Fraulein Maria, then we're in for a treat this month.
Phillips, 79, will play Fraulein Schneider alongside singer-songwriter Young as Emcee and Ryan as Sally Bowles.
and Fraulein ("little woman") is no longer in official use in Germany.
of more delicate Fraulein served as secretaries, bookkeepers,
The cast includes Kory Weimer as the Emcee, Ecaterina Lynn as Sally Bowles, Chris Nordquist as American writer Clifford Bradshaw, Sue Schroeder White as Fraulein Schneider, Claude Offenbacher as Herr Schultz, Tracy Nygard as Fraulein Kost and Ken McClintock as Ernst Ludwig.
Among the offerings: an opening night block party to the sounds of the Asphalt Orchestra, a repurposing of Richard Burtons Hamlet by the Wooster Group, Doug Elkins & Friends' Fraulein Maria, string quartet Brooklyn Rider and tango songs and moves with Sole-dad Villamil and Hermanos Macana.
This month begins a two-pronged Tectonic Theater Project event (a revival of The Laramie Project and the staging of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later); and Fraulein Maria, choreographer Doug Elkin's vogue-inflected satire of The Sound of Music.
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