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a German courtesy title or form of address for an adult woman

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Genau solche Sahnetorten aber, Symbole des materiellen Wohlstands und der FressweUe der 50er Jahre, bringt der Ich-Erzahler Frau Brucker bei jedem seiner Besuche mit.
Tra mae'r seren for hefo pum rhan sy'n weddol drwchus, mae pum rhan y seren frau yn eiddil a chain ac er y basa chi'n credu y basa un chwythiad go dda yn torri bob un ohonyn nhw, maen nhw'n syndod o wydn.
After the completion, Haworth, either directly or through a fully-controlled unit set up in Italy, will launch a mandatory public offer for the remaining stake in Poltrona Frau at the same per-share price.
In collaboration with CDC, the new Poltrona Frau Design Centre, distributor for world renowned luxury furniture by the brands of the Poltrona Frau Group: Poltrona Frau, Cassina and Cappellini, bring a new standard in luxury interior design to Qatar, offering design solutions for residential, commercial and hospitality clients.
In a strategic tie-up with the CDC, the Italian furniture group consisting of Poltrona Frau, Cassina and Cappellini has launched in the local market an array of premium luxury interior designs, which company officials yesterday said will help meet the growing requirements of residential, commercial and hospitality clients in Qatar.
The luxury furniture retailer, created by Poltrona Frau Group in collaboration with Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Development Company, will showcase classic and contemporary retail pieces of diverse styles from the century-old Poltrona Frau brand as well as the contemporary design icon brand Cassina and the avant-garde Cappellini brand.
But a goal from Obraniak on the half-hour set them on their way before Frau and Sow wrapped up the victory in the second half.
In a 1933 article in Die Frau Gertrud Baumer pointed out that the Nazis regarded the legal grounds granted women by the Weimar Constitution as the "confusion of a rootless liberalism" and women's employment as one of the "deformities of capitalism, which valued earning money above unpaid labor in the privacy of the home.
Lille scored another goal in 52nd minute by Frau, which won it a victory at its home against Fenerbahce.
PF Emirates, the joint venture between Mubadala Development Company and Poltrona Frau Group, takes stock for the first time of its activities and intermediate results.
CARJACKERS put the boot into Lille striker Pierre-Alain Frau just hours after his club lost their French league opener to Lorient.
ROBBERS posing as police locked up Lille striker Pierre-Alain Frau in the boot of his car before releasing him in another part of town and stealing the vehicle.
In the opera, Frau Margot Kunstler, a former diva whose best role was Strauss's Marschallin, is approached by a young American composer to complete her husband Erich's unfinished opera.
Some nights when it is dark as a bunker, I think of you Frau Junge.
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