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a social club for male undergraduates

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They were hesitant about it at first, but with the members' assurance that they did not practice violent hazing, and knowing that Nilo Divina, the law dean, was a frat alumnus, Atio's parents allowed him to join.
There will also be a wider net of accountability so that all frat officers will be held accountable for the actions of their members, whether or not they participate in the hazing.
The FAA Safety Team (FAAST) and AOPA, among others, have FRATs.
The GAJSC identified FRAT and TEM as excellent strategies to mitigate aircraft upset.
Frats do some wonderful things, and their members value the associations they make, on campus and after graduation.
Koepsell commends Clemson's decision to shut down frats for a review of its Greek culture and consequences, and he hopes both the positive and negative aspects of fraternity life are considered.
Why do young college students defy warnings that frat hazing, as experience has shown, can lead to homicide or murder of neophytes by frat masters.
In law school years ago, I was tempted to join a big frat whose members talked about the prestige and benefits of being called Brod (for brother) by frat members.
Most importantly, what it may suffer in narrative coherence it makes up for with a first-rate cast -- the reliably funny Rogen, the game-for-anything Rose Byrne, and in the most pleasant surprise, a truly excellent Zac Efron as an immature, narcissistic, vindictive and, by the way, unbelievably buff frat leader whose obnoxious brio might just be masking deeper issues.
But it's quite well done, thanks to the nimble comic instincts of Rogen, Byrne, Efron and also Dave Franco as Pete, Teddy's right-hand man at the frat, who unlike his buddy, actually seems to be aiming for a productive future.
In this case both FRATs leave something to be desired.
Another risk factor not considered in either of these FRATs is the impact of inoperative equipment or other limitations imposed by your aircraft.
What: Dramedy examines the shallow lives among a college's frats and sororities.
Frat House" doesn't contextualize these frats in terms of how representative they are, or how they are regarded in their particular campus communities.
A smartphone may be the key to identifying more of the frat men behind last week's assault on four students from a rival group on the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman, Quezon City.