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a social club for male undergraduates

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Frats do some wonderful things, and their members value the associations they make, on campus and after graduation.
Koepsell commends Clemson's decision to shut down frats for a review of its Greek culture and consequences, and he hopes both the positive and negative aspects of fraternity life are considered.
Most importantly, what it may suffer in narrative coherence it makes up for with a first-rate cast -- the reliably funny Rogen, the game-for-anything Rose Byrne, and in the most pleasant surprise, a truly excellent Zac Efron as an immature, narcissistic, vindictive and, by the way, unbelievably buff frat leader whose obnoxious brio might just be masking deeper issues.
What: Dramedy examines the shallow lives among a college's frats and sororities.
To date, five frats and two sororities have agreed to Colgate's purchasing terms.