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United States writer (1890-1945)


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Writing about Bernadette Soubirous, Franz Werfel raised his pen and his voice in an inhuman age, to try to call people back to introspection; to the courage of fidelity to the individual, examined conscience; to remind them of the possibility of divine grace and of the central value to human beings of a transcendent love.
Peter Stephan Jungk a former screenwriting fellow of the American Film Institute is the author of an ac-claimed biography of Franz Werfel and The Perfect American a fictional biography of Walt Disney's last months.
La sucesion y sobreposicion de cabezas en el diptico Otra alma (Alma Mahler como pretexto), 2006, encierra el argumento referido a la nunca saciada necesidad amatoria de Alma Marie Schindler (1879-1964), quien se caso sucesivamente con el compositor Gustav Mahler, el arquitecto Walter Gropius, el escritor Franz Werfel, ademas de sostener relaciones intimas con el pintor Gustav Klimt, Max Burckhard, Alexander von Zemlinsky y el pintor y escritor Oskar Kokoschka.
One was the pretty, clever sister of Franz Werfel [Hanna], who lived in Prague.
Her story was told by Czechborn Jewish writer Franz Werfel who, in the safety of the US, fulfilled a vow he made in the refuge of Lourdes early in the Second World War.
Later, architect Walker Gropius, artist Oscar Kokoschka and writer Franz Werfel came under her spell, but her first marriage was to Gustav Mahler.
Alma Mahler Gropius was by then married to Franz Werfel, Hanna's brother.
Otros autores de considerable popularidad en los paises de habla alemana como Franz Werfel, Ernst Junger o los bestseller de siempre Simmel y Konsalik, son favorecidos ante todo dentro de la colonia alemana, sin embargo ni este circulo reducido de lectores ni tampoco los colegios alemanes son significantes para la recepcion y promocion de la literatura moderna alemana, por ejemplo en Colombia o en Venezuela.
stop, where, with her third husband, author Franz Werfel, she was at the center of a lively expatriate community.
The first four decades of the last century, when many German-speaking citizens, Jewish or Christian, lived in the Czech lands, Prague appears in Mest'an's essays as a kind of "European literary laboratory, from which, with some delay, the glory of Kafka, Franz Werfel, but also of Frantisek Langer, Karel Capek and Jaroslav Hasek was spread into the world.
Others fortunate enough to escape by this route included Hannah Arendt, Jacques Lipchitz and Marc Chagall, Franz Werfel, and Lion Feuchtwanger--and at the very last moment, the aged grandparents too.
Based on extensive reading of the relevant secondary literature and research into (often heavily redacted) FBI records--supplemented by research into relevant, accessible records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Office of Strategic Services, and the State Department--the author has written an important study of "FBI surveillance of German emigre writers" (notably, Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Mann, Lion Feuchtwanger, Anna Seghers, Berthold Viertel, Oscar Graff, Franz Werfel, and Erwin Piscator).
The eleven books have become collectors' items, although most American readers are unlikely to be familiar with the authors other than Thomas Mann and maybe Franz Werfel and Alfred Doblin.
Outsiders were encouraged to seek out their own homelands, and the Nazi powers before and during the Third Reich were quite happy when Jewish and Gentile dramatists, writers, filmmakers, and scientists such as the Manns, Bertold Brecht, Max Reinhardt, Ernst Toller, Carl Zuckmeyer, Peter Weiss, Franz Werfel, Fritz Lang, Otto Preminger, William Wyler, Fred Zinnemann, Billy Wilder, and Albert Einstein fled into exile.
NAMES LIKE FEUCHTWANGER, Werfel, and Seghers probably won't ring many bells today, but in the 1930s and `40s a long list of German playwrights, poets, and novelists were household names in America: Not just Thomas Mann, Nobel Prizewinning author of Magic Mountain, and Bertolt Brecht, librettist of The Three Penny Opera, endure today, but dozens of others who time has forgotten, including Anna Seghers, Franz Werfel, and Lion Feuchtwanger.