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Austrian composer known for his compositions for voice and piano (1797-1828)

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TODAY INDEPENDENCE DAY IN NAURU 1797: Composer Franz Schubert was born in Vienna, Austria.
Since the Moscow IAML Conference, our main publication series (ISSN 0784-0322) has increased with four new titles, all revised editions of uniform title catalogues made by Heikki Poroila and covering the works of George Frideric Handel, Franz Schubert, Dmitrij Sostakovi, and Antonio Vivaldi.
Sager will be performing works by Franz Schubert, Philippe Gaubert and Paul Hindemith.
Later highlights include Robert Schumann's ``Fairy Tales,'' two of Johann Sebastian Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, virtuosic compositions by Franz Schubert, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Sergey Prokofiev and a rarely heard masterwork by the 17th-century English composer John Dowland.
Bob Yesselman, executive director of Dance/NYC, recalls his fifteen years managing the Taylor company as a time of outpouring of choreographic masterpieces set to composers as disparate as William Boyce (Arden Court, 1981), Franz Schubert (Mercuric Tidings, 1982), and former music director Donald York (Last Look, 1985).
Franz Schubert wrote his String Quartet in D minor in 1824, partly inspired by the words of a poem by Matthias Claudius about Death tempting a young woman with his soothing words.
BORN JUSTIN Timberlake, pop singer, 1981, above MINNIE Driver, film actress, 1970 FRANZ Schubert, composer, 1797 DIED GUY Fawkes, terrorist, 1606, above A.
5 in Tuckerman Hall, Tuckerman and Salisbury streets, Worcester, is named for Franz Schubert, who wrote about 660 songs, known as "lieder,'' as well as chamber music, operas, liturgical music, and nine symphonies, including one "unfinished.
The program includes songs by Sergei Rachmaninov, Richard Strauss, Gabriel Faure and Franz Schubert, including Schubert's "The Shepherd on the Rock," featuring Jerome Simas on clarinet.
LESS than 5ft tall and round in stature with a face marked with scars, Franz Schubert was not the most graceful of men.
Beethoven and Clementi contributed to the four-hand literature, but it was Franz Schubert who truly fulfilled the medium with more than 70 works.
Resident choreographer Christian Spuck's fast-paced and athletic the seventh blue (2000) opened the program with music by Franz Schubert, Gyorgy Kurtag, and Dieter Fenchel that mirrored the piece's classical-to-Eurotech feel.
Valencia, Spain: Palau de la Musica Franz Schubert Symphony No.
1828: Austrian composer Franz Schubert died in Vienna of typhus, aged 31.
AT THE Rodewald Concert Society this season, Liverpool-born pianist Paul Lewis continues his journey through the music of Franz Schubert.