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Hungarian composer of light operas (1870-1948)


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It's not 'my music', it's the composers' merit, like Johann Strauss, Franz Lehar.
ON THIS DAY 1948: Franz Lehar, Hungarian composer of operettas including The Merry Widow, died in Vienna aged 78.
They performed solos and duets from the classical repertoire of such composers as Austria's Franz Von Suppe and Franz Lehar, Italy's Rossini and Verdi and Spain's Granados and Barbieri.
He had just returned from Boston and the following week left for Vienna where he was to make a series of recordings of Franz Lehar songs.
Rada Toteva, soprano, and Stefan Petkov, tenor, performing arias and duets by Franz Lehar, Kalman Imre, Scholz] June 24, 6.
Baron Zeta and Count Danilo are characters in which Franz Lehar opera?
Strangely, the music of the "Merry Widow" composed by Franz Lehar was Hitler's favourite.
The favourite composer in the genre here was Franz Lehar (in fact a native of nearby Komarno), as he was in Vienna as well.
El programa incluye canciones interpretadas por Franz Schubert, Richard Rodgers, Maurice Ravel y Franz Lehar.
Apart from The Merry Widow you don't hear much of the music of Franz Lehar (1870-1948) anymore, I suppose his brand of slightly schmaltzy romanticism has long since become pass6.
Although technically an operetta, with music by Franz Lehar, the production also features much dialogue written by Forman Brown.
British choreographer Ronald Hynd's ballet version of the Franz Lehar operetta The Merry Widow waltzes into Seattle for the first time to begin Pacific Northwest Ballet's twenty-ninth season with what Clive Barnes described as a "wonderful mix of vulgarity and gossamer charm.
Come see The Merry Widow by Franz Lehar delight audiences with romantic intrigues, intricate misunderstandings, and of course, a happy ending.
Johann Strauss frequently stayed in the town although Bad Ischl is best associated with the other great monarch of the waltz: Franz Lehar.
It was once the seaport for Vienna, and once many other things, a city hyphenating Yugoslavia and Italy, a city favored by refugees, a comic-opera city where Franz Lehar conducted the municipal band, where Joyce wrote A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Exiles, and a large part of Ulysses.