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emperor of Austria and king of Hungary

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Maria Theresa, her children, and their successors ruled one after another, until her descendent Franz Joseph I died in 1916.
Franz Joseph, the venerable Emperor from 1848, is out of his depth in the unraveling domestic situation and the more-challenged diplomacy of the early twentieth century during its latest crisis.
What is certain is that, after Maximilian's sad end, the island was bought by his brother, Franz Joseph, for his son, the wretched Rudolf.
Dorrough performed abroad at the 37th annual Classical Music Festival in Eisenstaedt, Austria, where he had the opportunity to perform in Franz Joseph Haydn's Grand Hall at the Esterhazy Palace.
1809: Franz Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer, died in Vienna.
and arrives at Munich's Franz Joseph Strauss International Airport at 9:50 a.
Franz Joseph Haydn (31 March 1732 - 31 May 1809), was an Austrian composer and one of the most prolific and prominent of the Classical period.
The royal couple switched to a new car, another open-top, and after confusion over the route their motorcade stopped on Franz Joseph Street outside Schiller's delicatessen where Princip was waiting.
She offers richly detailed backstories about genetics and personality science, from Gregor Mendel's pea plants to Franz Joseph Gall's early efforts to read people's traits by touching the bumps on their skulls.
th] birthday of Prince Franz Joseph II of Liechtenstein (1906-1989).
Franz Joseph and Elisabeth; the last great monarchs of Austria-Hungary.
According to reports, Mehta and his Bavarian State Orchestra played its full cast of works of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Franz Joseph Haydn and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in front of an invited audience of 1,500 guests.
Despite having composed many of his own operas, and having directed over 1000 opera performances during his long career as Kapellmeister at Esterhaza, Franz Joseph Haydn is not chiefly remembered as an opera composer, or even particularly wellregarded in the history of dramatic music.
Laszlo Irinyi said the Hungarian poet J[sz]nos Arany was asked to write a poem in praise of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.
Experience a guided tour and explore attractions such as the River Danube before visiting the breathtaking city of Vienna, where you will stay at the Hotel Kaiser Franz Joseph.