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emperor of Austria and king of Hungary

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Primary health care nursing in this isolated part of the country, three hours from Grey Base Hospital and subject to weather extremes, means dealing with everything from visiting a newborn, to attending a motor vehicle accident in the middle of the night; from providing palliative care to opening up the clinic for a wounded hunter; from treating a person injured while climbing on Franz Josef glacier, to helping stabilise a patient being helicoptered to Grey Base Hospital; from providing sexual health education (and condoms) to young tourists passing through, to being mindful of the impact of the low payout on the emotional well-being of the area's dairy farmers.
In the summer of 2013, the National Geographic Society in collaboration with Russkaya Arktika National Park and the Russian Geographical Society organized a Pristine Seas expedition to Russia's Franz Josef Land to assess the condition of its ecosystem and produce the documentary "Russia's Far North.
Since the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers were first measured more than a century ago, scientific research has shown the glaciers have advanced several times.
She sailed across the top of the world via Franz Josef Land, the North Pole, the New Siberian Islands, the Wrangel Island area and the Chukotka Peninsula, disembarking in Provideniya, Russia.
If there were civilian casualties or injuries, of course we deeply regret that FRANZ JOSEF JUNG Taliban militants stole two fuel tankers late on Friday that became stuck on a riverbed outside Kunduz.
Addressing a joint press conference with his German counterpart Franz Josef Jung, Pakistan Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar said Islamabad wants to root out the extremists from its soil completely.
In September 2009, in the lead-up to the big day, there'll be a 350 km long walk on the West Coast from Karamea to Franz Josef.
KABUL (PAN): Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung defended Thursday his government's plans to extend Germany's participation in the NATO-led force in Afghanistan and deploy 1,000 more soldiers.
Which German city is served by Franz Josef Strauss International Airport?
However, Sudanese government showed some willingness to cooperate with the UNAMID, the peacekeeping operation faces some administrative obstacles besides Khartoum rejection of non-African troops German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung, who is here to watch the Beijing Olympic Games, informed reporters of the joint position following talks in Beijing with his Chinese counterpart Liang Guanglie.
HANS UP A German tourist caught spraying graffiti on New Zealand's Franz Josef Glacier was forced to clean it up after being caught by English visitors.
FORTY minutes out of town and worth a visit is the restored Royal Mansion at Godollo - the country retreat of Emperor Franz Josef and his wife Elizabeth.
He recently retired as director of the Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics at Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital and Preyer Children's Hospital.
In New Zealand, for instance, the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are advancing.
In which general direction would you trek from the North Pole to Franz Josef Land?