Franz Anton Mesmer

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Austrian physician who tried to treat diseases with a form of hypnotism (1734-1815)

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Hypnotism as it is understood today - a psychic power that enables a hypnotist to put a person in a mental state that gives the hypnotist control over the person - starts with Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) and his hypothesis of animal magnetism.
Attentive to interface between science and culture, Tresch aligns electrodynamics with the contemporary craze for animal magnetism--the belief, first articulated by physician Franz Anton Mesmer in the late18th century, in a unified, universal fluid circulating through animate bodies and inanimate matter in an unbroken flow.
Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer tried to cure patients by transferring "magnetism," as he called it, from his body to his patients (after putting them in a trance).
Placebo 2008 is a photograph by Aurelie Petrel of people including Warnell gathered around a baquet, in Lyon, a device used apparently in the late 18th century by Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer to measure animal magnetism.
Nesse sentido, a figura de Franz Anton Mesmer (2), criador da proposta terapeutica do magnetismo animal ou mesmerismo, tambem e submetida as mesmas tendencias historicas.
Dos siglos mas tarde, Franz Anton Mesmer, afamado por sus sesiones de hipnotismo, sostenia que existia un poder, semejante al magnetismo, que ejercia una extraordinaria influencia sobre el cuerpo humano al que denomino magnetismo animal.