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United States historian noted for studies of Black American history (born in 1915)

printer whose success as an author led him to take up politics

a landowner (14th and 15th centuries) who was free but not of noble birth

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John Hope Franklin, Mirror To America: The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin.
John Hope Franklin was born in 1915, and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the son of college educated but struggling Methodist parents, Buck Franklin, a lawyer, and Mollie, a teacher.
Franklin matriculated at Fisk University, where he encountered Professor Ted Currier who inspired him and prepared him well to study history.
PHILADELPHIA -- The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary and Starbucks Coffee Company are partnering to present the Ben Franklin Coffeehouse Challenge, a grassroots program to encourage lively and informal discussions during which a diverse range of civic-minded individuals can share their thoughts on particular local issues and, most importantly, generate potential solutions.
To celebrate the launch of the Ben Franklin Coffeehouse Challenge there will be a panel discussion on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at the Fels Planetarium of The Franklin Institute.
Starbucks is delighted to be partnering with The Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary for this unique and ambitious initiative, which both celebrates the rich history of coffeehouse discussion and debate and aims to enable our local communities to find real solutions to local challenges," said Morgan Schafer, regional vice president, the Starbucks Coffee Company.