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Franklin Delano Roosevelt has an impressive list of career highlights after studying history at Harvard and law at Columbia University: NY Senator (1912), Governor (1928), President (1933-1945), New Deal legislation (WPA, 1933 and Social Security, 1935), establishing the first presidential library (currently one of 14 across the country, 1939, opened in 1941), elected for an unprecedented third (1940) and fourth term (1944) as President, and Commander-in-Chief during WW II (1941).
This excerpt, taken from Franklin Delano Roosevelt for Kids (Chicago Review Press, September 2007, ages 9 and up) by Richard Panchyk and available through Independent Publishers Group at 800-888-4741, is the introduction to a new resource that explores FDR's legacy in American government and culture.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt all but invited the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe, argues University of Notre Dame historian Wilson Miscamble in From Roosevelt to Truman (Cambridge University Press).
What Ails The White House is not excessively meticulous in its study presidents, focusing most especially on the hidden illnesses such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, re-elected in 1940 with severe hypertension and congestive heart failure, John F.
The legislature was the training ground for a number of other presidents, including some of our most illustrious: Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
The 2003 recall election shattered the myth that politicians need to occupy a seat for decades to be the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Later, after her 1905 marriage to distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt, she actively supported her husband during his senate years and, ultimately, his presidency.
Irvin frequently compares herself to one of her heroes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who like Irvin, went to Warm Springs, Georgia for rehabilitation from polio.
THE BEDRAGGLED MEN IN A SHUFFLING BREADLINE are frozen forever in bronze at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington.
presidential campaign in 1932, during the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt used as his campaign song "Happy Days are Here Again.
Who do you know who squandered away a billion-dollar international publishing company the same week he launched a brilliant international best seller on the life and times of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Close to seventy years ago, US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, addressing a Conference on Democracy here in Montevideo, provided sage advice that I think is applicable to what we are doing at this conference.
1932: Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected American President.
Michigan claimed the most, followed closely by California, and then New York, the birthplace of two famous Dutchmen--former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
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