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wife of Franklin Roosevelt and a strong advocate of human rights (1884-1962)

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AARP chose the locations to honor the father of Social Security, President Franklin D.
Plaud won't be present at the June 7 auction of hundreds of items that were once housed at the former Franklin D.
Woodson criticized Jones and other black leaders who endorsed the Franklin D.
Before he sat behind his desk in the Oval Office, President Franklin D.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI) has hired Rubenstein Public Relations (RPR) to launch a renewed campaign to build the Franklin D.
WORCESTER - They sang happy birthday to Franklin D.
Back in 1939, as war loomed, Einstein (himself a refugee from the Nazis) had warned President Franklin D.
Embassy in Riyadh, the historic meeting between King Abdulaziz Al-Saud and President Franklin D.
Although Kahn delivered landmark lectures in New York City, his architectural mastery will be celebrated in New York for the first time in the development of the Franklin D.
Californies, desert, Dust Bowl, Gokies, Good Deal, Great Depression, Great Drought, Great Impression, Hokies, Mexico, New Deal, No Deal, oceans, Okies, Oklahoma, Franklin D.
One of the most important building projects occurred in 1937, when a cluster of lakeside cabins were constructed for a visit by President Franklin D.
Three years later, in 1932, with the Depression still deepening, Hoover, a Republican, lost his bid for re-election to Democrat Franklin D.
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