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One of four 1597 entries is sited Frankfurt an der Oder.
The woman, who was arrested at her home in the nearby city of Frankfurt an der Oder, initially denied any knowledge of the containers, but later talked 'extensively'.
Represented Wittenberg theologians to Henry VIII, then taught theology at University of Frankfurt an der Oder ca.
She became the head of the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt an der Oder on the Polish border in 1999 after holding a series of senior teaching posts at Free University Berlin and other academic institutions.
Als der 1932 in Frankfurt an der Oder geborene Gert Sauer im Jahre 1952 sein Studium an der Berliner Universitat aufnahm, war Zoltan Gombocz schon lange gestorben; Julius von Farkas wirkte in Gottingen, Ernst Lewy aber in Irland.
The more they pay, the better the service over the border,'' said Juergen Reimann, director of the German border patrol office in Frankfurt an der Oder, about 30 miles east of Berlin, on the Polish border.
24, 1759, Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg [Germany])
The new factories will further extend First Solar's previously announced capacity additions, including eight lines at its Kulim, Malaysia facility, four lines in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, and two lines in Blanquefort, France.
To accomplish this, he asked his actors and members of the team to live together and work in Frankfurt an der Oder for three months.
The bodies were found in the garden of a house in Brieskow-Finkenheerd, a village near the Polish border, said Michael Neff, a spokesman for prosecutors in nearby Frankfurt an der Oder.
18, 1777, Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg [Germany]--d.