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In Frankfort everybody wears clean clothes, and I think we noticed that this strange thing was the case in Hamburg, too, and in the villages along the road.
In the chapter devoted to "Legends of Frankfort," I find the following:
In Frankfort at the Romer was a great mask-ball, at the coronation festival, and in the illuminated saloon, the clanging music invited to dance, and splendidly appeared the rich toilets and charms of the ladies, and the festively costumed Princes and Knights.
Colonel McArdle died in Frankfort on the thirteenth day of December, in the year 1879.
Frankfort will serve as a valued resource to Sycamore Partners and the management teams of its portfolio companies, enabling them to tap into his incomparable retail knowledge, managerial expertise and network of industry relationships.
Frankfort Regional Medical Center has teamed up with Kosair Children s Hospital and the University of Louisville for specialty pediatric care.
In a few works, Frankfort brushes the Star of David over words or washes of color.
Co-authored by Lisa Frankfort and Patrick Fanning, this is a highly recommended guide to honing the skill of standing your ground and communicating well.
The Coach success story has been overseen by its chairman and chief executive officer, Lew Frankfort, who has teamed up with Reed Krakoff, president and creative director, to transform the brand's traditional collection of leather handbags into a highly desirable American brand.
Shortly after sunrise on August 19, 1999, Joe Megerle of Frankfort, Kentucky, was on one of his routine morning walks when a vehicle approached.
Immediate plans for the Frankfort plant include installation of a new compounding line capable of 45 million lb/yr, which will double the site's overall output.
Kentucky Governor Beshear and Frankfort Mayor Graham on hand to support the creation 360 green jobs by 2011
26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Frankfort Law Group PLC founder Edward A.
Frankfort, KY facility to manufacture 90 million pounds of resin per year and serve as prototype for future plants
Garland for his commitment to service in the Frankfort community.