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Synonyms for Frank

Synonyms for Frank

Words related to Frank

a member of the ancient Germanic peoples who spread from the Rhine into the Roman Empire in the 4th century

a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked

stamp with a postmark to indicate date and time of mailing


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exempt by means of an official pass or letter, as from customs or other checks

characterized by directness in manner or speech

clearly manifest

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Owned and operated by Steve and Liz Franke, they have written, directed and produced six feature films and are in post production on their seventh, Finding Glory -- also a family film.
Franke is the ideal partner for every hotel because we offer the entire range of coffee solutions.
Fuelled by the discoveries Franke and his wife, a former German discus champion and Olympian, wrote a book on the entire scandal after extensive research.
Since Franke started his calls, about 170 people on his list have died.
Marc Aeschlimann, 41, has taken over the management at Franke Coffee Systems.
Ranging from Plato to Jean-Luc Marion, Franke exhibits texts formed by and forming apophatic discourse in diverse realms from Socratic philosophy to phenomenology tinged with Catholicism, from essays on the silence of music to poetic proclamations of Divine Love.
Mr Franke declined to comment on the S&N and Carlsberg dispute, but added about half of cases are resolved within six months.
Franke has an established expertise in the development of biofuels from algae and the Jatropha plant in Europe and Brazil and he believes that being able to produce fuels at the consumer level is critical to adopting biofuels worldwide.
Franke will additionally be responsible for establishing a planned nursery of jatropha plants and the development of a pilot plant for ethanol production with algae in 2007.
Spirit Airlines announced last week that Indigo Partners, the Arizona-based investment firm run by former America West Airlines head William Franke and Oaktree Capital Management of California, which already was a Spirit investor, "will provide significant resources for the Company to consolidate its position as the leading low-cost carrier to the Caribbean and pursue its long-term growth strategy.
Franke, who was director of the Federal Quality Institute at the Agriculture Department and a long-time president of the American Council for Technology (ACT), which sponsors the award.
America's Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power, by Richard Viguerie and David Franke, Chicago: Bonus Books, 375 pages, $26.
Franke examines the ecological and political aspects of the controversy about constraining the bison population at Yellowstone National Park.
Under Franke and Prentis the Globe tilted more to the right than the original paper ever did.
Viguerie and David Franke is an astute evaluation of how conservative political groups in America capitalized upon alternative media--direct mail, talk radio, cable news TV, and the Internet--to spread their message, win elections and earn power.