Frank Capra

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United States film maker (1897-1991)


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It would be more memorable if he distilled Stewart's film experiences with directors such as Frank Capra, Anthony Mann, Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford into more specific, tangible recollections.
The Frank Capra Achievement Award was established in 1980 to recognize an Assistant Director's or Unit Production Manager's career achievement in the Industry and service to the Guild.
Goosson came to Columbia Pictures in the early 1930's, working often with Frank Capra, and became the studio's supervising Art Director.
Perhaps it's no coincidence that Frank Capra filmed his adaptation of James Hilton's novel ``Lost Horizon'' in Ojai.
Past recipients include Frank Capra, Gil Cates, Charlie Chaplin, Charles Champlin, Barry Diller, Walt Disney, Elia Kazan, David Lean, Sidney Lumet, Louis B.
The classic, directed by Frank Capra, beats National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to the top spot, in the amazon.
Omni's team of motion picture experts, including Frank Capra Jr.
Jarecki interviews a variety of pundits from both ends of the political spectrum, both disgruntled and gung ho military types, various civilians and even a couple of Iraqi citizens about the title question (``Why We Fight,'' by the way, was the name of the propaganda series Frank Capra oversaw during World War II, back when the reasons weren't so morally murky).
contract player at the time; actors William Holden and Alan Ladd; and director Frank Capra.
SPIKE LEE'S ``She Hate Me'' begins as an indictment of corporate greed, morphs into a lesbian sex farce, takes a left turn and becomes a ``Godfather'' spoof, then returns to its populist beginnings with an ending that Frank Capra might have filmed, had Capra been into miniskirt-wearing lesbians who had a secret hankering for some good, old-fashioned heterosexual love.
Master movie director Frank Capra, born this day in 1897.
In this early Frank Capra romance, the hopeful social critic who gave us Mr.
Director Frank Capra never reaped the benefits as his copyright had elapsed.
The title of Eugene Jarecki's ``Why We Fight'' is an ironic comment on a series of films made by Hollywood director Frank Capra for the military during World War II.