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Synonyms for frangible

easily broken or damaged

Words related to frangible

capable of being broken

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With the exception of the frangible bullet loads, the test gun kept everything comfortably inside that margin.
The frangible bullet was made from powdered iron and wax and was stamped out using commercial pill making equipment.
The sintered copper/tin frangible bullet is lead-free, profiled for reliable feeding, and comes with a dimpled nose for identification.
A 60-grain frangible bullet, designed by the late, famed modern gunfighter Jim Cirillo, the 9mm RBCD round is loaded to just over 2,000 feet per second velocity, delivering dynamic tissue damage with reduced penetration and ricochet risk.
Barnes is now making a frangible bullet for varminters and the military, as well as the new MRX bullet with a tungsten core.
It was composed of a lead-free, frangible bullet coupled with a nontoxic primer.