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a person who hates France and everything French

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Identifying the Problem: Francophobes, They Are among Us
L'interpretation ulterieure de cette loi, faite par les tribunaux, ne fera que confirmer l'intention francophobe du legislateur.
Taken at his own word, William Hogarth could be assumed to be as zealous and boorish a Francophobe as any modern-day editorialist in the British popular press.
It means that we share in her exasperations - and each of her defeats had its share of them, without wishing to go francophobe about Soumillon and the Eclipse - and we revel in the glory when she and her pilot get it right.
Liebert makes much of the Francophobe conductor's response to the philosopher's discovery of the French Enlightenment, and suggests that this is the major source of disagreement.
And, although you can hardly call the wee man a Francophobe, he has characteristically entertaining views on English football's apparent infatuation with all things Continental.
In our current francophobe environment, the French and Indian War provides another illuminating example for CEOs.
In De l'Allemagne (1813), Madame de Stael describes the francophobe eighteenth-century critic Lessing in the following terms: "c'est un esprit neuf et hardi, et qui reste neanmoins a la portee du commun des hommes; sa maniere de voir est allemande, sa maniere de s'exprimer europeenne" (130).
Yale University Press, 1992) gave religion, or more accurately Francophobe antipopery, a central role in the creation of a British political identity.
In fact, I've been told be was something of a francophobe.
The anti-French-Canadian tone of the Report is not surprising, in that one of the three Commissioners was Adam Thom, the notorious francophobe journalist.
It first appeared some time before February 24, 1925, produced by a "mysterious" publisher under the title of Rien Qu'un Coin de sa Politique Francophobe [Just a Snippet of His Anti-French Policy].
Dans ce cas-ci, l'usage du nom suppose n'a pas ete suffisant pour transgresser, puisque le manuscrit s'est rendu, avant publication, jusqu'a l'eveque, qui l'a juge francophobe et censure sous la recommandation du Ministre de France.
Oscar-winning cinematographer Chris Menges turns nighttime Monte Carlo into a feast for the eyes, beautifully contrasting the cobalt blue sky with the azure sea and town's white, white lights, creating images that would stir the soul of even the bile-filled Francophobe.