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an admirer of France and everything French

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On the 24th of March, a full afternoon will be dedicated to Francophile activities with a student festival and three theatre plays.
Hot off the press, this reference book is an indispensable tool for anyone involved with nuclear weapon deterrence, although these readers will need to be Francophile for the time being.
It does help if one is a Francophile with a sense of humor.
Lone Star College-CyFair French professor Georges Detiveaux was knighted as a Chevalier dans l'ordre des Palmes at a recent ceremony held at the home of Sid Moorhead, a longtime friend and fellow Francophile.
He adds, 'it seems singularly appropriate that some of the possessions of this most francophile of Scots should have entered the collection of the most francophile of British monarchs'.
amp;quot; The comments are sure to fan concerns amongst liberalisers that France--usually favouring tougher regulations on the food industry, subsidies and protection--will influence Francophile Mr Ciolo?
Fashion Francophile Wendy Getchell owns Lotus in Sarasota, and just launched a new cyber store called Knickers.
During the Second World War, he took active part as an officer in the campaign against France, making Paris his hometown (Junger was a francophile by inclination and education and enjoyed the sympathy of many French writers, making his way into French salons litteraires).
However, in this article, 'The Early Plays', Kilroy seeks to discuss six plays in barely ten pages, including the 'withdrawn' Francophile and The Blind Mice, which have never been published.
UK TRAVELLERS who've fallen in love with France but now want a more permanent slice of the Francophile lifestyle can now turn to a company they have probably holidayed with for years - Eurocamp.
In the 1800 election, John Adams had argued that the Francophile Jefferson would destroy America's Christian heritage just as the French revolutionaries had undermined their own religious legacy.
A Francophile Brit is just the thing in a good Paris office, to provide that element of cynicism as a motivator rather than cynicism as a pose.
The wealthy Francophile Felicie Bernstein (nee Rosenthal) brought the first Impressionist pictures to Germany in 1880.
And this is not simply because I am a Francophile, although I am; it's more a reflection of the important place the Paris Opera Ballet occupies in world classic dance.
Inspired by the travels of its notoriously Francophile president, Renee Behnke, Sur La Table is kicking off a nationwide promotion of French cooking this week.