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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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This was the decisive tool, in addition to the self-censorship or complicity, to silence the media and avoid a real national debate about the possibility of a referendum on the continuance of the Francoist provisions, which have been partly renovated but have retained essential elements of the Law of Succession, whose content was partly transferred to the 1978 Constitution.
The author employs this particular mass grave exhumation--which he conceives, as any other exhumation in Spain, as a landmark or "road map linking the political production of terror with the intimate experience of repression" (309)--and the personal search of Esther Cimadevilla, whose father was killed at that massacre, not only to exemplify the many thousands of Francoist executions on innocent civilians during and after the Civil War, but also to emphasize the current, and possibly future, "memory work taking place around mass graves" all over Spain (311).
Indeed, this article will argue that Landismo, as a cinematic phenomenon, reflects the tensions between gender and politics during the late Francoist years, a period rich in sociological transformations due to economic development, massive emigration and the start of the touristic boom in Spain.
Mendez juxtaposes these contrasting narrative lenses in order to deconstruct Francoist truth claims and signal the mythical distortions to which history had been subjected during the regime.
It took advantage of the national radio broadcasting service to promote publicly owned stations and preserved the regulations for private stations, while distributing them to families sympathetic to the Francoist cause.
But Roig's Ramona, adeu contests official histories of Barcelona, including the Francoist one, with respect not simply to its material, but to its form as well.
Naziphiles in the Falange hoped that by identification with Germany, they could increase their own profile and authority in Spain, as they competed for influence with monarchists, conservative Catholics, and other constituencies within the Francoist coalition.
Unhindered by practical questions of staging and undaunted by Francoist censorship, Brossa wrote over two thousand pages of plays, sketches, and ideas for performance, mainly between 1944 and 1967.
His discomfort at the scale of the repression being carried out by the rebel forces led to problems with the Francoist press censors who were already highly suspicious of Steer because of his anti-fascist reports from Abyssinia.
Music Battles: Populism and Hegemony in the Early Francoist Folkloric Film Musical" de Jo Labanyi es un trabajo excepcional.
The title itself is most revealing since this author catalogues the Francoist New State as Spanish, national, and Catholic.
The truth, as the leftist historian Paul Preston writes, is that Francoism "inadvertently created the social and economic conditions for the regime's ultimate transition to democracy," and within what Preston calls the "antiquated political straitjacket of Francoist Spain, there began to grow a new, dynamic modern society.
Gibson is not concerned with factuality, but with legend--in particular the recusant "progressive" myth of Spanish Republican virtue and Francoist evil.
Mr Samaranch, a former Francoist Minister with expensive tastes, has overseen the transformation of the Games from being a financial disaster zone into the world's most popular and profitable sporting event.