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French poet (flourished around 1460)


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O corpus atribuido ao poeta frances Francois Villon foi objeto de uma recepcao extremamente diversificada, desde que foi publicado pela primeira vez no final do seculo XV ate a sua recente entrada para a prestigiosa colecao da Pleiade (VILLON, 2014).
letter to Sherwood and Tennessee Anderson suggesting that he had read the Stevenson story: "And when it's a cold night in the streets of Paris and we're walking home down the Rue Bonaparte we think of the way the wolves used to slink into the city and Francois Villon and the gallows at Montfaucon" (Letters 313).
In the first, Grace Frank, writing for Modern Language Notes, lauds Rice's erudite treatment of the facetious testament tradition and, though she quibbles with some textual details, ends up judging his work rather indulgently: "If no new conclusions regarding 'sources' and 'influences' are reached, that is not due to any lack of acumen in our critic, but to the originality of Francois Villon.
This pen had been used by the author previously, in a more conventional mode, as Fabre outlines in his relatively brief second part ("Schwob biographe")--the fact that its principal prior subject had been Francois Villon suggesting strong continuities across the "imaginary" or fictional divide.
Pasolini evokes the fifteenth-century French lyric poet Francois Villon, known for his criminal excesses and incarceration.
Like Sono, who "read grotesque poetry in junior high to wash those feelings away," Sumida ends up drawing hope from the words "I know nothing but myself," an extract from a Francois Villon poem given to him by Chazawa.
Ademas de dedicarse a la literatura, Marcel Schwob tuvo una carrera destacada como erudito y especialista en la jerga parisina de la Edad Media y, en particular, de la vida y la obra de Francois Villon, a quien dedico varios estudios.
She is La Heaulmiere, a former beauty and prostitute, actually a 15th-century figure celebrated by the poet Francois Villon and included in an opera about him, Le Testament, by another poet, Ezra Pound.
Alain Chartier, the fifteenth-century French poet and rhetorician best remembered for the Belle dame sans mercy and the Quadrilogue invectif, has long been overshadowed by Francois Villon and Christine de Pizan.
The story of Francois Villon, poet, pickpocket and dreamer, who becomes King of France for a day, is an attractive one in itself.
The work produced is a deliberate departure from accepted subject matter and proper use of language on the stage, which follows the approach taken by Brecht's idol in the theatre, Frank Wedekind, the poet Francois Villon and storyteller Rudyard Kipling.
Ciertamente, la gran obra de Schwob, que dejaria inconclusa a pesar de haberse dedicado a ella durante diez anos, trata sobre Francois Villon y su tiempo.
The earliest work he preserved sounds much like the young Pound; "Villon" (1925) voiced the disillusionment--and the prison experience--of the medieval French poet Francois Villon, whose captors left him "lying on my back in the dark place, in the grave,/fettered to a post in the damp cellarage.
The Romance of the Rose is interpreted as the confluence of two major trends: Christianized Platonism (which is supposed to come to an end) and the beginning of "contingent subjectivism" which is even more noticeable in the works of "realist" poets such as Rutebeuf and Francois Villon.
Faludy burst on the literary stage of Budapest as a young man just before the rise of Nazi power with a collection of ballads exuding the love of freedom, adapted from the mediaeval French of Francois Villon.