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French novelist who wrote about the conflict between desire and religious belief (1885-1970)

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The novels of Francois Mauriac, however, with their sometimes searing depictions of the moral weakness and spiritual blindness of ordinary men and women and of the resultant calamities, offer a powerful caution to anyone's political ideas and plans for the renovation of society.
Francois Mauriac, "Foreward" in Eli Wiesel, "Night" Trans, by Stell Rodway (New York: Bantam Books) 1960, p.
Personally, I think very highly of quite a few European Nobel laureates, including Thomas Mann, Francois Mauriac, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Winston Churchill and recent winner Orhan Pamuk of Turkey.
It is moored on the Seine in the south-east of the city opposite 11 quai Francois Mauriac.
In France this new type of Catholic novel is developed by major novelists such as Francois Mauriac, Julien Green and Georges Bernanos, and my purpose is to show that Graham Greene belongs to this group of modern novelists.
Le Ray, who fought in colonial wars in Indochina and Algeria, died on Monday, according to an announcement in the French daily Le Figaro by his wife, Luce - daughter of famed French writer Francois Mauriac - and other family members.
Literary Paris, led by Andre Gide and Francois Mauriac, petitioned for clemency on the simple grounds that Malraux was a young man with a promising future.
Un examen attentif de l'evolution des idees politiques de Francois Mauriac au cours des quelque vingt-cinq annees qui suivirent la Liberation, revele le developpement d'une vision integriste.
Enfin, l'inclusion de Francois Mauriac aurait ajoute une autre dimension a cette etude.
He carries on the discussion with scholars and friends, including Francois Mauriac, a French writer and Christian who resisted the Nazis.
Finally, there is Mitsuko, who lives the life of Therese Desqueyroux, a character from the novels of Francois Mauriac, rather than risk herself in sincere interactions with the men she encounters.
The podium is accessible from the Quai Francois Mauriac by an imposing tier of dark timber-clad steps that run the length of the building, defining and confronting the street edge.
Premier roman de Kamel Daoud, [beaucoup moins que] Meursault, contre enquete [beaucoup plus grand que] a remporte, recemment, le Prix Francois Mauriac de l'Academie francaise et le Prix des cinq continents, decerne par l'Organisation internationale de la francophonie.
Francois Mauriac and Jacques Maritain are two great figures of French letters who are linked by much and separated by much.
When he returned to France in 1945 he was shocked to see that many Catholics, like Francois Mauriac, were gravitating to the left, and considered their call for social justice, "to make men alike rather than equal, was simply incompatible with Christianity" (180).
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