Francis II

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the last Holy Roman Emperor (1768-1835)

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Francois," said she, "you are jealous," and still she laughed; then, as if suddenly recollecting that this coquetry was not consistent with the character for modest dignity she wished to establish, she proceeded, in a demure voice: "Truly, my dear Francois, I will not deny that this young Englishman may have made some attempts to ingratiate himself with me; but, so far from giving him any encouragement, I have always treated him with as much reserve as it was possible to combine with civility; affianced as I am to you, I would give no man false hopes; believe me, dear friend.
A courier came in about eight o'clock as Francois brought in the fifth bottle, and, although the courier made a great noise, Baisemeaux heard nothing.
Ah, monsieur," grumbled the soldier Francois, in spite of himself, "monsieur.
Let us pass over that, dear Baisemeaux, and return to our soldier, to Francois.
It is very possible that it was not Francois who was wrong in demurring, but you, who are in the wrong in not listening to him.
Francois still waited: "Let them send this order of the king's up to me," he repeated, recovering himself.
Francois bowed and quitted the room, leaving the two companions alone.
The townsfolk and the people down the valley have fallen into the way of taking a short cut across that patch of land of Jean Francois Pastoureau's; before they have done they will cut it up in a way that will do a lot of harm to that poor fellow.
Perrault was a French-Canadian, and swarthy; but Francois was a French-Canadian half-breed, and twice as swarthy.
That was fair of Francois, he decided, and the half-breed began his rise in Buck's estimation.
At one point, in a strangely isolated scene (written by playwright and co-founder of Lepage's Ex Machina company, Michael Mackenzie), FranCois pays a visit to an ex-lover named Claude (played by Maria De Medeiros, Anais Nin in Philip Kaufman's Henry and June and Bruce Willis's girlfriend in Pulp Fiction), whom he has not seen since Marie-Claire's death.
Prestigious speakers included Michael Francois, Chief, Real Estate & Development, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey; Timothy Lizura, Director of Real Estate Development Division, New Jersey Economic Development Authority; and Sam Crane, Vice President, Maher Terminals, the largest container terminal operator at the Port.
Inventors: Francois Masson, Francois Bataille and Serge Teisseyre
In the preface to his new study of French sixteenth-century poetry, Francois Rigolot assures the reader that this work is intended for a broad, cultivated audience, and not for a small number of narrowly-focused scholars.
The story is narrated by 15-year-old Francois Seurel, whose father runs the local school.