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an American who was born in France or whose ancestors were French

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The exhibit at the Jacob Edwards Library includes pictures, documents, memorabilia, and the Franco-American Linguistic Project binder.
The Franco-American Superiore line was formulated specifically to address current consumer demand for prepared pastas that deliver a sauce closer to homemade, but with all the convenience of a canned pasta," says Woody Rosenbach, Business Director - Prepared Foods.
Franco-American has made a commitment to support its 'shapes' segment with powerful, cutting-edge licensed properties," says Vince Melchiorre, Senior Marketing Manager, Franco-American Pasta.
For Franco-American "public" displays, see Chartier, The Franco-Americans of New England, 203-4.
This campaign links the American and French revolutions, perhaps in an effort to bridge the current rift in Franco-American relations.
not-for-profit organization promoting Franco-American cultural exchange through educational programs.
in Paris as they try to work their way around incomprehensible French divorce laws and notions of propriety, the tragicomic tale also features strong roles for Franco-American dance legend Leslie Caron, Glenn Close and Stockard Channing.
22) After havin g witnessed how labour history has revised the origins of Canada's industrial revolution to a much earlier period than the early 20th century, L/LT readers might be shocked by the widely held view among Franco-American authors that their ancestors sought work in New England because there was no industrial employment in their own country or that Canada was mainly an agricultural economy.
In addition to allowing lawmakers to gather and speak French, members hope also to promote Franco-American trade, studies and culture.
Franco-American decision support tools vendor Business Objects SA said Thursday it has acquired Next Action Technology Ltd, a UK- based developer of set-based analysis technology for customer selection and segmentation applications.
Harrington also writes that "at about the same time [the year indicated on the preceding page is 1956] Wright became chairman and copresident of a Franco-American group of artists and intellectuals in a movement to free a Communist party leader from federal prison and planned to tour Europe in that role" (24).
By the late antebellum period within Louisiana's sugar heartland, he suggests, the master-slave relation looked similar in Franco-American and Anglo-American zones.
firms that giving them the secret coating formulas would aid Franco-American defense
Jean-Herve JENN is Franco-American and is 52 years old.
A US Army veteran of the Korean War, Raymond was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 523, Clinton, and the Military Order of the Cootie, the American Legion, the Franco-American Club, and the Leominster Eagles.