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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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Of course, any such perspective about motherhood must be examined within a larger societal context: for example, the political and social climate of Franco's Spain.
Furthermore, the economic vitality of Franco's Spain was reflected in its demographic vitality.
Since a Spanish publisher snapped up her first, loosely autobiographical, novel, which tells the tale of a young woman who leaves Franco's Spain for a new life in Yorkshire, she's been shuttling backwards and forwards to Barcelona to attend book launches and media interviews.
Nazi Germany, Franco's Spain, dictatorships of Franco Spain and Portugal, terrorised their country.
As it was in medieval and Franco's Spain, and as it is in the present-day United States, otherness is scary, the known trumps the unknown and the familiar, the mysterious--whether the strange thing in question is a religious icon or a foreign phoneme.
The teacher added that he could not think of any country today that was as hated and despised by the world as Franco's Spain had been.
It's very easy to see it as a metaphor for the political situation, with a family divided against itself over the generations, so it was not going to be performed in Franco's Spain.
Thus, historical study of Franco's Spain in these years is often done through the lens of foreign policy and strategy--how did Franco maintain the veneer if not the spirit of neutrality in a conflict where those who had assisted him to power, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, were the aggressors?
The Duke of Parcent's accounts of Auschwitz, mass shootings, and the destruction of Warsaw did not end the war any sooner, or play any role in the bringing to justice of the Nazi perpetrators responsible for these inhumanities, but they demonstrate that even states as pro-German as Franco's Spain could object to the excesses of the Third Reich.
For more than 35 years from the victory of his Nationalist forces until the dictator's death in 1975, Francisco Franco's Spain lived a world apart from the political, economic, social, cultural and literary forces that shaped Western Europe after World War II--except for the ever-swelling numbers of pale northern Europeans getting themselves sunburned on Spain's southern beaches.
When the civil war began, Franco's Spain subsumed Catalonia, banning the public use of the Catalan language and prohibiting the publication of Catalonian literature.
Darquier escaped punishment and fled to Franco's Spain where he spent the rest of his life.
The movie, which follows a girl named Ofelia through her retreat into a fantasy world to escape the grim reality of life in Franco's Spain, is up for the foreign language Golden Globe and recently was named best picture by the National Society of Film Critics.
Volver" celebrates the resourcefulness and dignity of the women he knew as a child growing up under the misogyny of Franco's Spain.
However, his text is also an exploration of his past which serves to forge a new self in conflict with Franco's Spain.