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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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Restaurant owner Ben Franco with some of the burgers prepared by Farnley Tyas First School children, from left, Thalia Buckle, Oliver |Mitchell, Fenella Sharp and Freddy Franco in the kitchen at Franco's in Almondbury 051015AFARN_08 ANDY CATCHPOOL
This does not happen in any other democratic country in the world," added Silva, whose grandfather was shot by Franco's forces in 1936 near Leon in northwestern Spain.
The ones that made the cut are as diverse as Franco's career, with two fact-based, but wildly different dramas about slippery identities, "True Story'' and "I am Michael,'' and one, "Yosemite,'' that's based on his short stories and at least partially informed by his own Palo Alto childhood.
Franco's funeral was being held today at St Lawrence Church in Rowington at 2.
Franco's financial manager Steve Blatt was also named in the suit, which alleges Blatt helped Levy set up the side venture.
Joelle Gorno, another of Franco's granddaughters said: "My cousin sent me the article about the mysterious flowers.
Franco's love of the world of comics may be best exemplified by the name of the store, something he and his brother came up with when they were kids.
The Canadian government was the second to recognize Franco's government.
RENAMED Franco's, what was formerly known as Bar Italia is a gem of a place, perfect for memorable Christmas parties based around the finest Italian cuisine.
He told me that Hitler's main request--put in terms of repayment for all the help he had provided for Franco's side in the Civil War--was to allow German troops to pass through Spain to attack and seize Gibraltar.
Are we going to have to look at Franco's mug as the avatar for the next month on Facebook?
Peter Bloch told me that Francisco Franco's full name included the name Bahamonde which was the name of his mother's family reputed to have been hidden Jews.
In this release, the climax to a remarkable saga and the story of the final nine years of this important period of Franco's life is profiled in a carefully chosen compilation of some of his greatest hits and strongest statements.
Pineapple" marks Franco's first major role in one of "Freaks and Geeks" producer Judd Apatow's outrageous movie comedies.
Keith wasn't fazed at the sight of the knife and waited for the tall thug to approach, but the smile on Franco's face guickly evaporated.